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Commercial Pilot Exam Prep

Over 1,000 high quality CPAER practice questions, and we guarantee you will pass the TC exam

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Private Pilot Practice Exams

Thousands of practice PPAER questions nearly identical to what you will encounter on the actual Transport Canada exam.

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Pre-Solo Air Law Exam

Pass your PSTAR Exam the first time – guaranteed!

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Restricted Radio Operator Exam

Ace your RROC-A exam

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Flight Instructor Exams

Use your licence to earn money and pass on your skills. Over 300 questions to help you pass the AIRAF on your first try.

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INRAT Exam Preparation

The INRAT Exam is one of the most difficult Canadian aviation exams, and is required to get your IFR rating. Master it with over 800 practice questions.

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RROC-A Exam Preparation


Every pilot operating a radio must hold a Restricted Radio Operator Certificate - Aeronautical (RROC-A). To obtain this radio certificate you will be required to pass a short exam issued by Industry Canada. To guarantee your success on this exam, we offer a simple practice exam with a bank of 93 questions modelled after those on the Industry Canada exam. All topics covered in the Industry Canada ROC-A Study Guide are in this practice exam.

The exam is completely mobile friendly so you are able to access this on the go as long as you have a data/internet connection. After purchasing you will have access to the exam for 6 months.

radio exam


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Completing Your Private Licence?


We have a discounted bundle that includes RROC-A, PSTAR and Private Pilot Licence material, and saves you 10%