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Commercial Pilot Exam Prep

Over 1,000 high quality CPAER practice questions, and we guarantee you will pass the TC exam

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Private Pilot Practice Exams

Thousands of practice PPAER questions nearly identical to what you will encounter on the actual Transport Canada exam.

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Pre-Solo Air Law Exam

Pass your PSTAR Exam the first time – guaranteed!

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Restricted Radio Operator Exam

Ace your RROC-A exam

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Flight Instructor Exams

Use your licence to earn money and pass on your skills. Over 300 questions to help you pass the AIRAF on your first try.

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INRAT Exam Preparation

The INRAT Exam is one of the most difficult Canadian aviation exams, and is required to get your IFR rating. Master it with over 800 practice questions.

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Glider Pilot Exam Preparation


This 50 question trial exam will help you prepare for the Transport Canada GLIDE exam. This exam is a necessary component of earning your Glider Pilot Licence in Canada. The 50 questions are modelled after what you will find on the actual exam.

For Air Cadets pursuing their gliding scholarship, this trial exam is a good warm up for the exams in January. Our Private Pilot product will fully prepare you for this exam.

The pass mark on the actual GLIDE exam is 60%, so you should aim to score at least 80% on this practice exam to be adequately prepared. When completing your Glider Pilot Licence you will also be required to pass the PSTAR and RROC-A examinations.


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