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Commercial Pilot Exam Prep

Over 1,000 high quality CPAER practice questions, and we guarantee you will pass the TC exam

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Private Pilot Practice Exams

Thousands of practice PPAER questions nearly identical to what you will encounter on the actual Transport Canada exam.

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Pre-Solo Air Law Exam

Pass your PSTAR Exam the first time – guaranteed!

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Restricted Radio Operator Exam

Ace your RROC-A exam

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Flight Instructor Exams

Use your licence to earn money and pass on your skills. Over 300 questions to help you pass the AIRAF on your first try.

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INRAT Exam Preparation

The INRAT Exam is one of the most difficult Canadian aviation exams, and is required to get your IFR rating. Master it with over 800 practice questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you get the questions?

Our questions are written and meticulously reviewed by flight instructors and commercial pilots. Our question bank is built to mimic the format and content of questions encountered on Transport Canada exams. We also periodically audit our existing questions to ensure they are still relevant and correct. Our current question bank is at nearly 3,000 unique questions, and we are constantly adding more.

How do the exams work?

After purchasing an exam you will have immediate access to your study materials. The radio and trial exams are simple and pull from small question banks so they deliver a set group of questions. The more complex exams will present you a screen to select how many questions you would like delivered, what the time limit should be, and what categories to pull questions from. Each category is stocked with questions so you can write several unique exams without seeing duplicates. After completing the exam, you will see your score, and a breakdown of your performance by category.

Are there any limitations on how many exams I can write?

All of our products are based on a 6-month subscription. You may write as many exams as you would like for 6 months, after which point you will need to purchase the product again to continue writing new exams. Exam history is stored indefinitely. 

Can I review the exams that I have taken?

Yes. You can open and review any of your exams in your exam history. For each question you can see the correct answer, and your selected answer. Many of our difficult questions have reference material and explanations available. We have kept references as generic as possible, with most coming from the Transport Canada "Aeronautical Information Manual" (AIM), the TC CARS or "From The Ground Up".

Can I pause my exam, and come back to it later?

Yes. An exam can be paused at any time for later use. When you are ready to continue your exam, simply go into exam history, select your paused exam , and continue on.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you take a preparation exam 3 times and get a score of 80% or higher and fail the actual exam, just send us a scanned copy of your score and your order number and we will send you a 100% refund. We take pride in an excellent reputation and have helped over 11,000 pilots pass their exams, with almost no refunds issued. Some conditions do apply.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

If you cannot remember your login information, click HERE and we will send that information to the email address you signed up with.

Will I get a bunch of spam once I sign up to take the free or paid practice exams on your site?

No.  We will not send any spam your way and we do not distribute your personal information or exam history to any outside parties. Please check our privacy policy for the measures we take to protect your privacy.