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Commercial Pilot Exam Prep

Over 1,000 high quality CPAER practice questions, and we guarantee you will pass the TC exam

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Private Pilot Practice Exams

Thousands of practice PPAER questions nearly identical to what you will encounter on the actual Transport Canada exam.

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Pre-Solo Air Law Exam

Pass your PSTAR Exam the first time – guaranteed!

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Restricted Radio Operator Exam

Ace your RROC-A exam

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Flight Instructor Exams

Use your licence to earn money and pass on your skills. Over 300 questions to help you pass the AIRAF on your first try.

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INRAT Exam Preparation

The INRAT Exam is one of the most difficult Canadian aviation exams, and is required to get your IFR rating. Master it with over 800 practice questions.

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About Us


Pilot Exams was originally created by a group of student pilots looking for a better way to study for their private pilot exams. We have massively expanded our question bank by professionally developing exams with flight instructors and commercial pilots across Canada. Each question has been painstakingly edited to ensure it mimics what a student will encounter on the Transport Canada exams.

Since it's inception, Pilot Exams has helped over 13,500 pilots and delivered over 150,000 exams. All together, this accounts for 55,000,000+ questions served! With such a strong following, Pilot Exams has recently released the INRAT and AIRAT/AIRAF exams. The future is bright for PilotExams, with new products being added each year.

We are committed to helping pilots stay up to date, stay safe, and feel welcome in the tightly knit aviation community. If you have any questions about us, our content or aviation, please contact us. We are also very active on our Facebook page, so please check us out there.

Happy Flying,
Pilot Exams